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  • I want a tattoo, but I'm on a limited budget. How do you determine pricing?
    We will work on designs depending on your budget. The price will be based on the complexity of the design, colors, placement, and size. If you are eager to do a tattoo design beyond your budget, we suggest for you to wait and save up first. Afterall, tattoos are permanent. Don't worry! We'll be waiting for you. 😉
  • Do you do piercings?
    Sorry, but we don't do piercings.
  • Do you do temporary or henna tattoos?
    Nope. We only do real permanent tattoos. Sorry.
  • Do you do cover-ups?
    Yes, we do! We'd be happy to discuss and look at your tattoo/s to see what we can do. Usually for cover-ups, the cover-up tattoo must be bigger than your old tattoo. If your tattoo is darker and bolder, we will advise you to get it lasered and lightened first for us to cover it up better. It is still best to consult with our artist in person to advise you further.
  • Do you provide touch-ups?
    Most tattoos do not require necessary touch-ups. However, every individual's healing is different. Fine line tattoos and colored tattoos are more likely to require touch-up session/s. Areas such as fingers, palms, wrists, ear, back of the ear, elbows, knees and feet, are more likely to fade during the first weeks of healing and my need several touch-ups to stay. Touch-up for tattoos done at Yugto Tattoo Studio is FREE ONLY ONCE within 3 months after the tattoo was done. The free touch-up will be forfeited if the touch-up appointment is cancelled, no show, or late for more than 10 minutes. No exceptions. Touch-up for tattoos NOT DONE by Yugto Tattoo Studio, or if your tattoo was done by us but have exceeded the 3 months' timeframe, will be chargeable starting from S$50.
  • Can I bring a friend with me?
    Yes! You can bring a friend to accompany you while you're doing your tattoo.
  • I don't like the tattoo design (custom/flash), can I change it?
    Yes, BUT for flash designs, as it is a pre-made design, you may change some parts of it with a fee depends on how much you want the change is. For custom designs, we can do some tweaks for you. But if you want to change the entire design, another deposit has to be made.
  • How much do you charge for your tattoos?
    We charge the tattoos either by piece or by session. Per session tattoos are for larger tattoos that can't be done within the day and will cost $150 per hour. Our minimum charge is $50 (For Apprentice) and $80 (For Junior and Senior Artists). Tattoos under 5cm cost around $50-$150. 5cm and up costs $100 ONWARDS. Apprentice tattoos are discounted for limited designs only. ​ The price of the tattoo will determine by the complexity of the design, colors, placement, and size. You may contact us for an in-person consultation*, or you may send us the following info for booking or price quotation: - Design you want to tattoo - Size by width and length in centimeters - Reference pictures - Placement ​ * Please note that all quotes that are not done in person are only estimates and we reserve the right to change them if necessary.


  • We DO NOT accept refunds.

  • We DO NOT allow minors (17 years old and below) to get  a tattoo from us unless accompanied by a parent or could provide a consent form with a parent's signature and a copy of their ID/IC.

  • The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and is fixed only for ONE DESIGN/FLASH or ONE APPOINTMENT slot only.

  • Deposits will be forfeited if any change of flash designs or changing of the entire custom design.

  • Deposits are only valid for 6 months, so you can book a slot anytime within the given time frame, otherwise the deposit will be forfeited.

  • Deposits are forfeited if you cancel your appointment within 48 hours before the session starts. Another deposit has to be made if you want to rebook your appointment.

  • Tattoo care, and other policies such as touch up policies are provided           . Please strictly follow these instructions.

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