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About Us

Yugto Tattoo Studio (established 23 November 2023) is a collection of very passionate young tattoo ​artists based in Singapore.

We are a humble small community which our goal is to provide a beyond exceptional service and art that will stay in your skin for lifetime. We believe that each individual's body is a temple, and each individual has the freedom and liberty to decorate their temple to express their individuality, their uniqueness, THEMSELVES.

The founder is a husband and a wife who has a passion in creativity and tattooing. We built this studio for all people who loves body art and want to change the world's impression of tattoos. Our shop welcomes people from all walks of life :)

Come and share with us your story and let us create your vision into a lifelong piece of art!

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Rated one of the best tattoo studios in Singapore by Bestlah Singapore
(April 2024)

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